Make Money Online

“How to Get Your Own Money Making Online Business”

Our popular course is now available online!
Self paced, video based with 6 weekly modules

“Making money online for Entrepreneurial Goddess is without doubt the best course I’ve ever done. The sessions had so much content and were made really interesting by Sarah and Ann’s well thought out presentation. I was aware how marketing on the internet was so powerful but had no idea how to draw people to my website. Now with all I’ve learnt I’m so amazed by how much my profile has lifted. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to make more money online.”

Start Living the Life You’ve Been Dreaming About

  • Are you tired of going to your partner to see if it’s OK to spend some money on what you want to spend money on?
  • When the cashier at the supermarket rings up the total of your weekly groceries, are you worried that there may not be enough in your account to cover it?
  • Do you spend less on yourself because you feel that what your children, your partner or others need is more important than what YOU need?
  • Are you sitting at your desk (kitchen table, couch, etc.) , dreaming about doing something else?

Have you dreamed about having a career doing something that you have passion about — and living the life of your dreams?!

Whether you want to make something, sell something,
teach something or preach something…

This course is for you!

Do you want a business where…

…you can build strong, long term relationships with the people that you come in contact with: customers, suppliers and other partners in business and life?

…you can do something that you love every day, all day long?

…you can provide value to the lives of the people you are dealing with?

…you can be proud to talk about it with your friends and family?

…you can build and build on the value of the products and/or services you provide?

…you can hang out with the best and brightest people in your industry?

…you can have a great reputation as an expert in your area and a great person overall?

… you can make money online WITHOUT using scammy methods?!